LS - for Loudspeakers

The LS Serie is designed for all kind of Loadspeakers - optionally for adhesive bonding

NEW:  LS Serie in the new MK2 Version 

The new MK2 has on the buttom side our approved plugin of the LINE Serie. The swimming bedded plugin of aluminum avoids horizontal vibrations.

Effective Multi Layer Absorber (MLA)  with an balanced combination of Sorbothane and natural rubber.
Read more about our MLA Technology.

Hugh B. from Paris writes:
... So given the price, the results I obtained, I d say it s not only worth every single cent but also efficient! A true affordable audiophile accesory with excellent results in terms of vibrations damping. What I also like is the "no voodoo" aspect of the product:

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Simply place the absorbers under the feet of your unit
or stick optionally.

For optimal adjustment in 4 sizes:  Height 7mm

 Size   Load capacity/set    Diameter
  Price 4 pcs                  
 LS-1      5 kg    25 mm   39,00 €   
 LS-2    10 kg    30 mm   39,00 €  
 LS-3    20 kg    35 mm   45,00 €  
 LS-4    45 kg    42 mm   55,00 €  


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